Anna and Chris' Wedding

1pm til late, Saturday 14th April 2018

Fig 1: Anna, Chris, and some of Scotland

What's happening?

Anna Railton is marrying Chris Smowton, and vice versa.


Pembroke College, Cambridge (ceremony and photos) and Emmanuel URC church hall (everything else). The URC is on Trumpington Street, CB2 1RR, and Pembroke is just over the road from it.


The ceremony starts at 1pm; please arrive for 12.30pm. For those who unfortunately couldn't fit into the ceremony (check your invitation to see if this is you) you're welcome to join us for drinks on Pembroke lawn from about 1.30pm (immediately after the ceremony), then the food, drink, dancing and associated revelry (i.e. all the good bits) start at the URC from 2pm.

Where should we stay?

We're deferring to Expedia on that one, but do note the wedding falls during school holiday, so we'd recommend booking something / begging a Cambridge-dwelling friend for sofa space sooner rather than later.

Can I bring a +1?

Extra guests are very welcome (please note them on the RSVP form); the one caveat is they are likely to have to sit out the ceremony itself due to capacity limitations in Pembroke's Old Library.

What of gifts and such?

The only gift we want is your company on the 14th April.


Please RSVP here